Warning: You Might Get Sued For Reading This Story
February 2013

Comes now the world’s most litigious person, Jonathan Lee Riches, vexatious filer of frivolous lawsuits and scourge of the federal court system, who moves to explain his bizarre behavior. Planets, weather systems, Kardashians -- Riches has sued them all. And he might just sue you, too.

The King of Home Equity Fraud
January 25, 2011

In less than three years, master con artist Tobechi Onwuhara siphoned at least $44 million out of the accounts of homeowners. All he needed was an Internet connection and a cellphone.

The Amazing Story of California's Greatest Cat Burglar
May 2010

Dozens of fake identities. More than 1,000 break-ins. A haul of gold, jewelry, and art worth an estimated $40 million. For 16 months, no wealthy Angeleno was safe from Ignacio Del Río.

Unfree Market
GOOD Magazine
January 2009

The United States abolished slavery in 1865. Now, every country in the world has outlawed the practice. But you’d be mistaken to think that humankind had left the "peculiar institution" in its past. Slavery endures. And not just in isolated incidents or far-flung corners of the globe. Today, it happens as ecumenically as it did in the Old Testament, which is to say often and everywhere.

San Francisco Dog Court
SF Weekly
February 16, 2005

San Francisco Dog Court may look like a wacky legal outgrowth on the far liberal end of the political spectrum, but the court has a decidedly prosaic purpose: to safeguard the community and to protect a person from the seizure of property—a dog—without due process. Under the law, people here with dogs are no longer just dog owners. They're guardians. San Franciscans no longer take a bad dog behind the woodshed and shoot him. They listen to his story and then shoot him. Or not, depending.